We have a passion for this business and the people in it. We have a passion for our team. At the end of the day, we care a lot. We care about elevating the lives of people. We provide parents, spouses, partners and players with the information needed to make the very best decisions for their careers, during and after their time on the ice. 

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Raze is your team for life creating real and personalized solutions to accelerate your success. The key points are: 

  • We are your team for life. We will do whatever it takes for you to be successful during and after hockey.
  • You’re a person, not just a player. This is a personalized, bespoke relationship. What’s important to you is important to us. We’ll take the time to understand what you want and need in your life and provide real solutions to get you there.
  • We are your instant network. Call us anytime. Our network is your network and whatever you need, we have a connection for that.
  • There is a lot of life after hockey. We’ll create uncommon opportunities for you to continue to elevate your life after you leave the NHL.
  • We offer fair and transparent fees. You will always get more than you pay for.


  • Psychology, visualization, sport science, behavioural science and performance analytics to train you to be as mentally tough as you are physically strong.  
  • Personal coaching from former NHL players uniquely suited to your needs.  
  • Strategic career planning, personal and professional goal management, for life in and out of hockey, during and beyond your playing career.
  • Relationship management training, to understand your coach and help him see your unique talent and abilities. 


  • Call us anytime, we’re always here for you.
  • Whatever you need, whenever you need it, make us your first call. 
  • So much more than a concierge; your trusted advisor on hockey, life, relationships, investments, finances, and much more.  


  • Access to our team of expert brand-builders. 
  • A comprehensive Brand Uncovery Workshop to understand your core and what’s important to you in establishing your personal brand.  
  • A brand strategy, marketing strategy, and marketing plan for your personal brand with a goal of raising your profile and helping you earn more money now and after hockey.  
  • Content development, advertising, social media, partnerships, and endorsements designed to create new revenue opportunities during and after your career.    


  • Your permanent home. We don’t say goodbye to you after the last puck drops; we value you far beyond your skills on the ice.
  • Straight talk. Good or bad, we’ll always be honest with you.  
  • Access to our global network to allow you to pursue whatever business, career, or opportunity you wish. 
  • Potential for you to work at Raze as a development coach, mentor, or in a permanent role.   


  • A team of experts helping you achieve your financial goals and plan for your life during and after hockey.
  • Growing your earnings well past your hockey career. Hockey doesn’t have to be the most money you will ever make in your life.
  • Developing long-term financial objectives and an asset management plan that will ensure the money you earn during your hockey career will support your family’s future.