Imagine if Jerry Maguire were Canadian, obsessed with hockey, and had a strong social justice bent. Too good to be true? Well actually, that’s Ritch Winter, founder of Raze Sports. 


While working on the set of a film being shot in his small Alberta hometown, Winter forged relationships which allowed him to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment law. After attending both law and film school, Ritch landed an internship with powerhouse entertainment lawyers Ted Steinberg and Marvin Demoff who counted Kareem Abdul Jabar, John Elway, Dan Marino, and various SCTV cast members as clients.  

Although the internship had Ritch rubbing elbows with celebrities, there were no heroes greater to him than the NHLers he grew up admiring as a young hockey player. He returned to Canada and founded his first agency, The Entertainment & Sports Corporation.  Not long after, he led an all-star group of players including Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and Carl Brewer, and assembled a legal team to address abuses of power by the NHL and agent Alan Eagleson. Their mission: to recover monies the NHL had wrongfully taken from the players’ pensions. They would go on to win a $50 million judgment. Winter once revered Eagleson but took the opposite path and put the needs of his players first, helping to overthrow his once icon who had abused his power.  

It was clear who Winter and his company worked for: the players. And it showed in his actions. He helped Frantisek Musil and David Volek escape communist Czechoslovakia and as the influx of Czech and Slovak players grew, Ritch dropped “Entertainment” and his company became The Sports Corporation. As they expanded into offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Sweden, Winter continued to push his commitment to better the lives of his players through goal setting and his guidance.  


Years later, a twist of fate had Winter reconnect with an old acquaintance from 25 years prior who once dreamt of becoming a sports agent: Todd Litwiniuk. At the 2019 NHL awards in Las Vegas, Todd, now at the helm of his family’s successful law firm, ran into Winter and they reminisced about a conversation had long ago about how he could fulfill his dream. Beyond nostalgia, this conversation prompted these two powerhouses to join forces to form a vision for a new kind of sports agency, one that could transform the industry. Winter and Litwiniuk assembled a team of remarkable, high-powered partners and shareholders from business and hockey to round out the team. Raze Sports was born. 

Today Raze Sports has an ambitious and dedicated team continuing to Raze the Bar when it comes to athletes and their professional and personal goals. When players join Raze Sports, they are on a team for life. They get an instant network, help with their personal brands, and the Razers Edge™ – a bespoke  goal-setting experience that paves their path to greatness now and for the future.

 Steve Jobs often said that he never asked customers what they wanted, but instead created products and services he knew they would want once they experienced them. Raze takes a similar approach in developing services, constantly innovating and always putting the needs of our clients first. Raze Sports is here to elevate lives, and you will find no better team.