But enough about us… this is what our players have to say…  

“I hired Ritch because I knew I needed an agent who could get his job done. He did. Without him, I am convinced I would not ever have won the Stanley Cup. It takes more effort and experience to do what Ritch has done for me than people realize. I am the only player in NHL history to play in the Stanley Cup Finals for three different teams, in three different years, not to mention the three Stanley Cups. Ritch made all that happen and I can only be thankful we won in Chicago. Another year and it would have killed us both.”


Three Time Stanley Cup Champion 

“I fully embraced the Career Compass program early in the 2019/20 season when I was sitting in the press box watching most of our games. After developing a strategic plan using journaling to engage the coaching staff, my world changed. I played every game that followed before the virus hit and completely transformed my game. We won the first 5 games I played, I went from -6 to +3 in my first 6 games back, scored 4 points in those 6 games, had my first 3 game point streak in the NHL. I went from the press box to a key member of the blueline core in weeks. Ritch got me way out of my comfort zone and forced me to do things I would never have done otherwise and breathed life into my career at a time I thought it might be over.”


Edmonton Oilers

“I met Ritch when I was in the AHL. He had a vision that I could become a top two NHL defenseman. I wasn’t sure that was possible. When he crafted a plan that had me playing in the KHL to enhance the development of my game, I wasn’t sure he wasn’t off his rocker. Other agents thought so. The Flames were convinced of it. Ritch did what he thought was best for me and convinced me to do it even though the plan made no sense to everyone other then him and me – in the end. His insistence on setting goals proved to me that effective goal setting can lead to unexpected levels of success. It did for me.”


Calgary Flames,

2019 Norris Trophy Winner