Players seldom admit the anxiety they have about not reaching their potential, but knowing and acknowledging these fears is the first step. The next step is to create a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. Raze provides you the support you need to handle the rigors of your pre-professional career.

We have proprietary strategies to ensuring every one of our clients has a number of significant competitive advantages over their peers. Of all players selected in the NHL Entry Draft, 81% will not make a career of hockey. They are left to figure things out on their own and do not have the support of their agent or tools like those that are bundled into the Razers Edge™. For decades these tools have proven essential to Raze clients overcoming the psychological challenges that most players face:

  • Coaches failing to provide opportunities and communicate effectively to players;
  • inaccurate team assessments of their abilities and potential;
  • untimely injuries; or
  • just plain bad luck.

Better Play Through Science 

Hockey suffers from a near-complete absence of cutting-edge behavioral analytics and strategic processes that support elite performance. Raze’s unique process provides every Raze player a competitive advantage, allowing you to exceed everyone’s expectations, even your own. We are fostering, nurturing, and growing in our players the grit and resilience essential to make it to the NHL. Successful hockey players require a top level of emotional intelligence and mental toughness. These attributes are foundational to fostering your potential and effectively managing the internal and external pressures inherent in the business of hockey. Raze focuses on player needs and creative new ideas to maximize your success:

  • Personalized fitness and nutrition strategies.
  • Psychological testing and mental assessments.
  • Strategic goal-setting and in-season positive habit formation.
  • Mindset and resilience training.
  • Analytics based strategic placement.
  • Visualization capability development.
  • Emotional Intelligence awareness training and development.
  • Long Term personal and professional goal setting.
  • Personal coaching services.
  • Equipment calibration.
  • Offensive zone analytics and development training.

These products and services are proven to:

  • Dramatically improve on-ice performance.
  • Enable players to develop mental toughness and manage stress.
  • Help players manage and change coaches’ perceptions of them.
  • Increase ice time.
  • Increase special teams’ utilization.
  • Increase opportunities in key game situations.
  • Improve the way coaches utilize players.
  • Improve perceptions of a player’s value.