A life in hockey is one of sacrifice and dedication.  There isn’t time or space in most players’ lives to think about anything other than the game, let alone the future. Players can expect 40-60 years of life after hockey once they leave the dressing room for the last time. After retirement, no hockey organization provides the resources players need to make a successful transition to that life. Raze Sports is filling that gap by helping our players find equally or more challenging and rewarding second careers. 

Your Instant Network 

Whatever your dream for life after hockey, we can help you live it.  Our partners, shareholders, and mentors have contacts throughout the business and sports world, with access to companies, institutions, universities, and funding.  Would you like to intern at a tech company in Silicon Valley?  We can help.  Ever dreamt of owning your own business.  Let us show you how.  Need investors for your new venture?  Let’s talk.   

The Raze Family Network 

Playing in the NHL is a unique and special experience, and the bonds formed by players can last a lifetime.  But what about the family members who were there every step of the way?  When the ride is over, you may all feel like you’ve lost that connection.  But when you’re on the Raze team, you’re on it for life and so is your family.  We are creating a network of spouses, partners, and family members who can support and relate to each other in the transition to post-playing life. 

The Mentor Network 

A major part of the Raze advantage is our network of mentors: a collection of former players and hockey insiders dedicated to the success of our clients.  After you retire, you don’t have to say goodbye to the game you love. Join us as a mentor, share your wisdom and experience with younger players, and protect them from the pitfalls of life in the NHL.  You’ll be part of an elite group of advisors and ambassadors, and you’ll be part of that network, benefitting from the support and camaraderie of your peers. A role as a Raze mentor can also be a steppingstone to other roles in our company, in administration, leadership, or as an agent. 

Financial Guidance  

Raze is working with NOW Wealth Management Solutions of Raymond James, one of the top wealth management firms in North America, to offer a full suite of financial management services.  This isn’t a stockbroker or a bank trying to sell you mutual funds; this is a full-service, personal advisory service designed to protect you and your wealth from any eventuality.  Our services will include: 

  • Financial, retirement, and estate planning
  • Life insurance
  • Tax planning
  • Cross-border and international planning
  • Real estate advisory
  • Trust services
  • Personal services, such as bill-paying
  • Wealth preservation

Our goal is to make you much wealthier after hockey than during hockey so you have the freedom to do what you want.  Our combined fee structure will allow you to pay less for agency and wealth management services by bundling, and provide tax advantages over traditional agency fees.