Having a great relationship with your coach is key. If you don’t know what your boss wants you to do at work, how can you be successful? It’s been phenomenal to see how the dedication of our players has gotten recognized by their Coaches. Dedicating yourself to the Razers Edge can truly change your entire career. Here’s what the coaches have to say…  

“When Wintersports engaged me in its goal setting program for one of our players, I adopted it for my entire team. It’s the best approach to helping players focus on clearly defined goals that I have ever seen.”


Coach and General Manager,

Portland Winterhawks

“After Yak hired Raze and began following its Career Compass program, with the help of Raze’s coach Renat Mamashev, his game took off. Almost instantly, he became one of our best prospects, and one of the top ten scorers in the AHL. The effect of the process was immediate and transformative.”


Assistant General Manager,

Nashville Predators